Hello! My name is David Cho and I am the creator of Liloolee - The Little Lost Alien. This is my very first application and the idea for the story came about from a dream I had one night. It was the most unusual and magical dream I had ever experienced. The story was so heartfelt that I decided that it would make a perfect children's story. And what better way to tell it than through the iPad!

The only problem was I did not know how to develop my own application so I decided to teach myself objective C. Since I did not have any programming experience, pretty much everything I read went straight through my head. I had no choice but to hire a programmer but given my limited budget I had to hire someone overseas. All of my talented voice over artists are locally based here in beautiful Vancouver, BC, Canada. Go Canucks Go! 

Here is a list of everyone that has helped out with this application:

Voice Over Artists

Pam Jones - Narrator                                                                                         Chelsea Parent - Melanie                                                                                   Colleen Parent - Julie                                                                                         Caitlyn Bairstow - Liloolee

Voice over recording done at Soundswrite Creative Media Studio

Our most recent update has brand new graphics and is illustrated by the very talented Jocelyn Diaz.

As for myself, I have a background in writing and making family-friendly short films so I have always had a passion for storytelling. 

Please feel free to contact me with any suggestions or feedback. If you purchased my application and your child enjoyed it, please leave a good rating and review on iTunes. I hope to eventually develop a second children's book application on Liloolee as I have many more exciting stories to be told on this cute, loveable alien.

© Liloolee enterprises 2011